2023: A fresh start

A new year and a clean slate...
It’s crazy to believe that after such a big build up, Christmas went by in a flash.
And with our home now only just coming out the other side of a lot of horrible colds and flus over the festive period, I have been keen to close the door on Christmas 2022 and welcome in the new beginnings that come at the turn of a year.
I know a lot of people lament how empty their home can feel once their tree and Christmas decorations are all packed away.
But that is exactly what I was craving - space, and a more pared back living environment - room to breathe.
So here’s my top 3 items that I’ve introduced to begin my fresh start at home for 2023 now that the festive decs have gone into hibernation.


Our battery operated dinner candles come with a timer - 6 hours on, 18 hours off.

It brings me great joy in the evenings when these beauties come on automatically, without me having to touch them, providing an instant warm, cosy glow above my kitchen cooker.



Even before Christmas I knew that I would be craving some new faux florals as soon as the Christmas tree came down so I invested in Osborne's Winter Warmer bouquet to cheer my living room space up now that the family tree is packed away.




As I was packing away all the decs I had a wintery scent burning in the kitchen, emitting some cheery notes to keep me in positive spirits!

This new in diffuser has a gorgeous clean, fresh scent that is perfect for this time of year.