At Home With....Julie

(Painting by: Gráinne Knox).

1. Describe your home interiors style?

We gravitate towards period home styling but also like to add a contemporary edge. As a family we have always enjoyed going to our local National Trust properties because of the beautiful architecture of the stately homes and period styling within. That said, we have three young boys and a dog at home so we have to adapt our love of period styling and make it work for our young family. The main living areas in our house have a more country home vibe that is more relaxed and welcoming for our family. Our home is still very much a work in progress and we are taking our time with decorating and finishing off key areas, case in point our front hall which is far from being finished, but I am so happy we managed to acquire this very special antique console table after lockdown ended. We have been on the hunt for something like this for years.

2. Where and from whom do you find inspiration for your home?

I find inspiration from our local National Trust properties, Pinterest and Instagram.

I love following Lydia Millen’s home account as well as Steve Cordony. They both have a similar home interior style which is absolutely stunning.

3. What is your favourite corner of your home at the moment and why?

My favourite corner of my home tends to be the room that has been most recently finished! So at the moment that would be our “drawing room”.

This has been a work in progress for a very long time. The room was a shell for a very long time and really a dumping ground for stuff we had no home for anywhere else in the house.

But now the only thing left to do is finish off the back of the fireplace and the room will be complete. 
We have opted for a light grey patterned wallpaper and crushed velvet curtains and made a bold statement with our sofas.

This room is extra special because it’s home to our special photographs of the boys at one-year-old as well as a beautiful painting of the front of our home that I asked Grainne Knox to do. She had to use a lot of creative license for it because the front of our house is far from finished!!

I am looking forward to putting our Christmas tree up in this room this year. This is the room that Santa leaves his gifts for the boys in for Christmas morning so I know this room will hold lots of special family memories over the years.


4. Does your home interiors styling change with the seasons or do you opt for pieces that carry you throughout the year?

I never used to change up my home decor to match the season but since working in Osborne’s I have definitely been influenced to celebrate the changing seasons a whole lot more!

I think changing the decor is also a visual trigger for the boys that a new season is coming. I want them to have lots of memories of living in this home and I think changing the decor throughout the year will play a part in that.

5. What are your three favourite pieces from Osborne & Co at the moment?

Where do I start?! It is hard to pick just 3 but I am going to be strict here!

I love our plain twig wreaths because they play a big role in helping to celebrate the seasons throughout the year. Attracta has made my new Autumn wreath and I absolutely love the colours and textures in it.

I love our black chest of drawers because it reminds me so much of the kind of home decor that Lydia Millen it Steve Cordony would gravitate towards.

I love our selection of mirrored trays currently in store. They have all been so popular. I have one at home to display some of my most used make-up pieces on my dresser. It’s come in so handy to dress this area up and means I can quickly grab my make-up in the morning when I’m trying to get ready fast.


6. What’s your best home styling tip?

Over time I have realised that less is actually more. If you go for quality statement pieces that you know you will always love them you won’t need to clutter any area of your home because the special statement purchases will do all the talking.

Quality not quantity is key.