At Home With....Sarah aka Mummy's Whine Club

Mum of three Sarah is the face behind the Mummy's Whine Club blog.

Taking part in our continuing Q & A series, she explains that with a busy household, her home is a balance between cosy and modern, with lots of special pieces that tell visitors “a family lives here”.



1 Describe your home interiors style.

Not sure you could call it style but I’d say my home is somewhere

between cosy and modern.  We did fall into the ‘grey house’ era when

we bought 2 years ago, but even with the added grubby finger prints, I

still love it.  Each room has its own twist.  The living room and 

bedrooms are calmer spaces with softer tones and more sumptuous 

fabrics where as the downstairs hallway and kitchen are a little bolder.  

Lots of pieces in our home are of sentimental value rather than their 

style.  The arm chair in my living room was my dads. He still calls to sit 

in it reckoning Mums new suite isn’t half as comfy.  The print above my 

fire place was a gift from friends when we left London.  It’s the park I 

spent my first year of motherhood lapping whilst trying to put the baby 

to sleep.


2 Where and from whom do you find inspiration for your own home?

I don’t have a certain person I take inspiration from.  It comes from 

everywhere.  Local shops like yourselves and Instagram are probably 

the most influential.  I love looking at the home accounts on Instagram 

and knowing that like me they more than likely have a basket of 

washing and a minefield of Lego just out of shot.  I’m always a sucker 

for the Next and M&S home catalogues.  When they are at the tills I just 

have to pick one up. 


3 What is your favourite corner of your home?

My favourite corner of my home is probably my stairway.  From the 

height chart at the bottom to the picture wall at the top it screams ‘a 

family lives here’.  I remember the painter nearly falling over when I told 

him to paint the stairs black.  The dust on them is a nightmare and the 

clutter on the bottom steps are a trip hazard but I don’t regret it one 

little bit.

4 Does your home interiors styling change with the Seasons or do you opt for pieces that carry you throughout the year?

I can’t say my style changes with the seasons.  I like the variety of 

textures my throws add so they stay out all year round.  I do love a fairy 

light at Christmas though! 


5 What are your three favourite pieces from Osborne & Co at the moment?

My 3 favourite pieces in Osbornes right now have got to be... The blue 

painting in the window right now.  It is so fitting for my living room. Just 

looking at it makes me feel calm. The black and white jar.  This would 

look so good on my hall table! And the wall clock, I have my eye on this 

for my kitchen. 


6 What’s your best home styling tip?!

My best style tip has got to be, choose pieces you really love!  Don’t 

buy something just because it fits the space.  Fashions are changing all 

the time so don’t be in a rush, your house will never be completely 

finished. Make it a home not just a house.

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