Celebrating the milestones, no matter how big or small

I was trying to put some make-up on in the middle of the usual chaos that a Sunday morning brings at Casa Kenwell when my boisterous three-year-old burst into my room, thrust a dress-up costume under my nose and demanded that I help him put it on.

The costume in question was a Batman one. It had been bought for his older brother a few years ago, but now aged six, he had of course grown out of it some time ago.

The last time my youngest had tried it on however, it drowned him! 

The sleeves came way down passed his wee hands and I'd had to roll the legs up several times so that he didn't trip over them.

That was some time ago.

But on Sunday just passed, he had chosen those few precious minutes I had stolen for myself to get ready to insist that he NEEDED to become Batman, there and then, mainly because his older brother was running around as the Incredible Hulk, and he obviously needed a crimefighting hero sidekick for company.

In the world of parenthood, you pick your battles, so I gave in and helped him clamber in.

I don't know why I was surprised to find that it was the perfect fit for him. The costume was aged 3-4 years after all.

But when I had helped him dawn the caped crusader's famous grey and black costume, I stood back and felt a pang of sadness - my baby is growing up, I realised.

When I voiced this thought, he was of course very pleased with himself. 

"That's because I eat up all my dinner, Mummy," he replied (he doesn't, but that's another story!).

Living under the same roof, it's harder to keep track of just how much our little ones are growing, all the time. It's only when certain milestones come along that we are forced to take account of the fact that time doesn't stop, and that these days - these very chaotic but glorious days, are to be savoured in every way possible.

I was told recently that on your child's second birthday, you should measure them because they are apparently half the height that they will ever grow at that age - incredible!


Our little height charts are the perfect way to keep a better track of how your little one is growing. And no doubt they will be just as pleased with themselves as my youngest was to learn that they are getting bigger and bigger all the time!

Funnily enough though, that wasn't the only sign I received on Sunday that my children are growing right before my very eyes.

Whilst my eldest was brushing his teeth that morning, I noticed his two top teeth were starting to wobble slightly.

He has already lost his two bottom teeth, and the adult ones have grown up in their place. So this wasn't as much of a sucker punch as the first time round. 

But it was another sign, none the less, that he too is growing up, whether I want to admit it or not and that it won't be long until the tooth fairy pays another visit to our household.

Our little Tooth Fairy pouches help to make this milestone all the more special for little ones.

Some times I wish that I could freeze time, and keep them at the age that they are now. But there are other days that I look at them and feel as though I cannot wait to find out what little men they will become.

The perfect example of this is the impending arrival of their new sibling. 

Now that I am in the latter stages of my third pregnancy, I can't help but wonder what kind of brothers they will be to this baby.

A new arrival in a home always changes the family dynamic in some way. I know this from my own experience when my eldest 'welcomed' his younger brother home three years ago! So I am determined to soak up the last number of weeks that we have as a family of four before the next BIG milestone for our family comes along.

If Sunday's little discoveries have taught me anything, it is to savour the moment, enjoy my little ones while they are little, and celebrate every milestone, no matter how big or small.