We need to go easier on each other, and ourselves

This post might be controversial…..

But that is certainly not it’s intent.

We’ve been joking over the last few weeks about my eldest son, Alfie’s aversion to Osborne’s ‘rude stock’ - our Grecian busts and female line art sketches.

Enter stage left: our new in “Girl Power” trinket dish from Sass & Belle.

girl power dish-1

Our supplier actually coined it the “boobies” trinket dish, but we thought that might tip Alfie over the edge!

Over the weekend a lovely customer bought one of these dishes, as a gift - for herself.

It prompted a really sweet exchange between us, where she explained that she had just finished extended breastfeeding her son, so this gift was very significant for her.

She told me she’d been feeling guilty about not being upset that it had come to an end.

I wanted to give her a huge hug. But 1: COVID restrictions and 2: we don’t know each other!

girl power dish-2

It feels to me like mum guilt is lurking around every corner of motherhood - so don’t let how you feed your baby, and how long you feed your baby for in this way, be one of those reasons to be hard on yourself.

The breast Vs bottle debate is brutal to put it bluntly.

As a mother who breastfed one of my children for 9 months, and another for 6 weeks before moving on to formula, let me assure you, you will get no judgement from me when it comes to your own personal choice for you and your little one.

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding both come with their own pros and cons. And having experienced both, I can’t honestly say I found one any easier than the other.

girl power dish-3

We all need to go easier on each other, and on ourselves.

We are all doing the best that we can while we navigate the weaves and bends of parenting.

And while I already loved this little trinket dish before my exchange with our customer at the weekend, I love it even more now.