How did the humble pumpkin get the biggest glow-up in home accessories history?!

We’ve come a long way from the original idea of carving out a jack-o’-lantern to scare away evil spirits!

Now-a-days our favourite harvest fruit (yes it is in fact a fruit) has become a much-coveted and luxurious home accessory that we are proud to have adorning our fireplaces, hall tables or shelving areas as a glamorous nod to the changing season.

From sumptuous velvet fabrics to opulent golds and bronzes, pumpkins and squashes are THE must-have piece to have on display at Autumn, and they come in just about every shape, size, colour and finish you could imagine, meaning there is a gorgeous pumpkin out there to suit every home under the Autumnal sun.

But who was it who first decided to take this seasonal fruit and give it the biggest glow up the history of the home accessories world?!

Whoever they are, they are quite simply a genius!

Perhaps we have Cinderella in her glamorous carriage to thank for the significant shift in how we view the humble pumpkin patch?

Her glittering mode of transport to be the Belle of the Ball is certainly a far cry from the Irish and Scottish original idea of warding off evil spirits from entering their farms and homes.

Of course it is America that has really embraced the idea of decorating for Fall over the years. But this tradition has begun to catch on in these shores and we’ve seen a surge in popularity  year on year as people increasingly enjoy marking the changing seasons through their décor.


Regardless of the origin of the idea, we are delighted that our customers are just as invested in the beauty of a gorgeous pumpkin accessory as we are!