‘Maisie' by Quinn Russell

‘Maisie' by Quinn Russell

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We absolutely love Quinn Russell's pieces and these hares, on a green backdrop, and encased in a gold frame, might just be our favourite new arrival.

Hand finished using textured gel – no glass


Quinn Russell lives and works in Holywood, Belfast.

Self taught, she enjoys working in strong colours of thick and textured acrylic paint. Quinn creates unique and quirky paintings that are owned by collectors around the world. With a passion for interiors, she loves to create bespoke pieces of work for peoples’ homes. The emotional response to Quinn’s work is widely agreed to be happiness

Her love of animals has drawn her to enjoy animal portraits and in particular hares. The hare has a great deal of meaning to her as it is an animal that symbolises a creative way of looking at life. Hares have a naturally solitary nature and are not too quick to conform. The hare teaches us to reach for our dreams and not let anything get in the way. That is just what Quinn tries to do in the process of painting.

Also available: 'Marley'.

Dimensions: 62cm x 82cm