2021 - a year in reflection

What has 2021 meant to you?

As we settle into the last quarter of the year and take stock of everything that has come our way, how has 2021 treated you?

For us at Osborne's, it has been another whirlwind rollercoaster, full of highs and lows, but when we look back at the months that have passed, on reflection, it's been a very good year for us.

We began 2021 in lockdown - not unfamiliar territory for us to be fair, but still no easier than any of the other lockdowns we've endured during this pandemic.

But we feel that we’ve worked our socks off to stay in business, despite having our doors closed for the first quarter of the year.

Over the last number of months one of our biggest challenges as a business coming out of lockdown is trying to manage the huge delays in the supply chain this year.

Where once our Christmas stock would arrive over the summer months, leaving us time to have it priced and properly plan out the shop floor for Christmas, everything this year is only starting to arrive now.

It’s been frustrating, stressful and challenging to say the least but we are still determined to bring you plenty of festive cheer through our Christmas displays in store, because that is what we do best.

So when we hang this 2021 bauble on our tree this year, we see it as a symbol of achievement and determination. When we look at it we will remember everything we have managed to achieve in 12 months, despite the pandemic, and everything that we have yet to achieve in the years that lie ahead.

This special piece has been hand-painted by Stacey of @inspiredscribbles, and exclusively and locally made for us at Osborne's.

And given just how special this limited edition piece is, we are going to donate part of the proceeds from this bauble to charity.

** Proceeds from each sale of these baubles will be going to Positive Futures, a local charity for people with learning disabilities, those with an acquired brain injury and those on the autistic spectrum. **

We hope this year has been kind to you, we hope you can look back and find some positives from 2021 and what's more, here's hope for a better and brighter 2022.