Autumn comes to Osborne' August!

I’m sure we raised a few eyebrows with the launch of our Autumn stock at the very beginning of August.
We are still in the midst of summer but by the end of this week, one of our shop windows will be full to the brim with autumnal pumpkins, hay bales and seasonal florals, as far as the eye can see.

But the reality is that if you want to succeed in business now (particularly a small business) you have to get ahead.
When I looked at our larger competitors, they had been advertising their autumn stock weeks before us.
It gave me the fear that we were missing out!

I’ve battled with the realisation that now that we are all putting lockdowns behind us, that ‘Shop Local’ bell isn’t ringing just as loudly as it used to during the pandemic.
So if we want our customers to hear it’s merry tune, we better damn ring it ourselves!
So that’s what we are going to do!

I am a great advocate for Autumn.

I think it is the season that best fits my personality.
I love the idea of hibernating and cocooning and enjoying the little luxuries that can only be found in the comforts of home.
So I rejoice when this time of year starts to roll around because it is my viiiiiiibe!

At Osbornes we’ve noticed a huge surge in customer demand for Autumnal decor.

And this year we feel we’ve definitely fulfilled our brief.
From pumpkins to wreaths, garlands to gorgeous floral stems, we have EVERYTHING you could want or need to turn your home or business into an Autumnal Haven.

So if you are on the hunt for some seasonal decor over the next few months, strain your ears and you might just hear the clanging of our shop local bell ringing in your ears and beaconing you into our store!