Beginners guide to creating an Easter table scape

When it comes to hosting a successful dinner party, you can gain some instant brownie points with an eye-pleasing table scape!

Here's our easy guide to creating a table masterpiece that will impress before the food has even been served!

Organisation is key for planning a table scape.


Step 1.

Plan ahead - make a list of all the things you need - this is key so you don't miss out any of the essential ingredients for your table scape.

Step 2.

Think about your base - it's best to go for a clean tablecloth for a table scape so that your overall look doesn't look to crowded or 'busy'.

You could add a table runner for another colour or texture but again, the aim is to keep these base layers simple ahead of the main event!

Our tulip bundles would be a great addition to a table scape this Easter.

Available in 3 colourways, £8.99 each.


Step 3.

Start layering!

The idea is to make your table warm and welcoming, and the easiest way to achieve that is with some tealights in a pretty tealight holder.

Our Easter bunny tealight holders will help you to add some warm ambient lighting to your table scape.

Available in 3 colourways, £2.99 each.


Step 4.

Don't forget the florals!

Whatever the time of year, any table scape should include some florals.

You don't have to go foraging in the wild though - luckily we have a huge selection of faux stems that you can use again and again.

I have different faux stems that I use at different times of the year, each of them are a nice nod to whatever season we are in.

You can lay your stems flat all the way of the centre of your table and allow their heads to bring colour, texture and interest.

If you don't want to be labouring too long with this step, then a simple and effective alternative is to use a garland instead of stems.

Again, I have different garlands for different times of the year that I place in the centre of the table - an instant injection of colour with minimal effort required.

Use our cherry blossom garland as part of the base of your table centre piece this Easter for a bright and cheery floral decor.

Available in 2 pink colourways, £17.99.

Step 5.

Add height.

Your faux florals can come in handy in more ways than one.

Use some of our pretty bud vases, add some little stems, and stagger these across your table to again add more colour, height and interest.

Add some small stems to our little bud vases and scatter these throughout your table scape for an effective injection of colour.


Step 6.

Make it personal.

You could add some place names to your table scape if you are wanting to be specific about where you want people to sit.

You could also add some little treats at each table setting - maybe some little Easter chocolates or a little Easter decoration for your guests to bring home and keep.


Pictured above: to make your table scape more personal to your guests, you could leave a little Easter decoration at each table setting for them to take home and have as a reminder of their time spent with you that day.

Bag of 6 Easter decs, £4.20.


Here's a quick rundown of some of the key ingredient that we think you will need to create your table scape:

  • Our new cherry blossom stems (as pictured above).
  • Bud vases.
  • Faux florals.
  • Tealight holders.