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At Home With....Sarah aka Mummy's Whine Club

Mum of three Sarah is the face behind the Mummy's Whine Club blog. Taking part in our continuing Q & A series, she explains that with a busy household, her home is a balance between cosy and modern, with lots of special pieces that tell visitors “a family lives here”.     1 Describe your home interiors style. Not sure you could call it style but I’d say my home is somewhere between cosy and modern.  We did fall into the ‘grey house’ era when we bought 2 years ago, but even with the added grubby finger prints, I still love it.  Each room has its own twist.  The living room and  bedrooms are calmer spaces with softer tones and...

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Faux Florals - Why faking it isn't such a bad thing!

“My name is Julie Kenwell and I am a Plant Killer.” There, I said it! My one true talent in life is surely murdering foliage and pretty florals. And as such, my house is completely void of any of them, except for those of the artificial variety. I’m certainly not going to win any friends in the gardening world as a result of this little confession, but the reality is that I just don’t have the knack for keeping plants or flowers alive, and when I say 'knack', what I really mean is interest. I’ve never been green-fingered, and I don’t honestly see that ever changing. And why would I when there is such an incredible variety of faux florals...

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